The band, “Louisvilles Own,” was conceived and organized by some of the finest musicians and singers in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Most members have over forty years of performance experience, having been members of local bands.

Buddy Carter – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Founder, Louisville’s Own Band
The Mystics (1962-1997)

Cam Carter – Guitar, Keyboard, Drums ,Vocals ,

Recording and Music Director

Robby Schaffer – Vocals

General Manager
Metro, Blue Sky Cowboys

Larry Linde – Percussion

Manager of Membership and Special Events, Louisville’s Own Band

Howard Gittli – Trumpet, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Louisville Crashers, V-Groove, Carribou, Voodoo Lounge, Shannon Lawson

Skip Bannister – Trumpet

Soul Kitchen, Signature Big Band

Diane Kean Bramblett – Vocals

The Mystics

Myra Kean – Tenor/alto sax, Violin, Flute

Soul Kitchen

Marvin Maxwell – Drums

Soul Incorporated, Alesian Field

Tony Ratterman – Piano, Synth

The Epics, The Uptown Band